Ürün Özellikleri
Ürün Kodu 4759
Ürün İsmi 4759 Polistiren Kare Çerçeve (58 x 58 cm.)
Barkod 8697950847599
Kutu boyutu 10 x 10 x 85 cm
Ürün Boyutu 58 x 58 cm
Üretim Yeri Türkiye
Malzeme Türü Polistiren
Heidi Puzzle Frame brand was founded by Heidi Oyuncak San ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. for its own puzzle brand, ART PUZZLE and its import brand, EDUCA. The frame profiles are selected meticulously as per each puzzle design and packed as un-assembled in the box. All tools to be able to build the frame is included in the box; so there will be no need for any other tool from the outside. This product which minimizes the probability of losing the puzzle pieces while taking it to the framer, lets the puzzle-lovers to build the frame by themselves selecting the best design for their puzzle images among many designs. Heidi Puzzle Frame products which are made of polystyrene material and looks as if wood, can be used for other decorational purposes, as well.

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